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Get Modern Symmetrical Balance In Interior Design Gif. Symmetrical balance (when the two sides of a central point are mirror images of each other) suggests formality, refinement and constraint. Welcome to our interior design basics series!

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The foundations of asymmetrical style include arrangements or designs that are based. You might see it differently, which is fine. To be symmetrically balanced, the forms in the work mirror each other over a central axis and correspond exactly.

We have learnt from pattern and texture about scale and proportion;

Learn about symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial balance to create spaces that calm and welcome. A room can be symmetrical, where items are arranged to mirror one another on each side of the room. For everything on the left side of the painting there's something of equal weight on the right. Symmetrical balance can have a few subgroups such as approximate or near, inverted and biaxial symmetry.

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