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View Examples Of Informal Balance In Interior Design Pics. Bedrooms, for example, lend themselves to symmetry, as the bed is commonly placed in the middle of the room with night stands on either side. When a design can be centered or evenly divided both vertically and in radial balance, elements on the page radiate from a central point.

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Balance is the visual calmness in a room. This type of balance is created by taking the room and splitting it into two halves that mirror each other. Below is an example of reflective symmetry, in which two objects mirror each other on a vertical axis.

The informal design format helps designers explore different layouts and styles without any limitations.

La dolce vita is a design blog featuring interior design ideas & inspiration, art, travel and style curated by paloma contreras. Havenly designer lauren cox shares how to create balance in a space using interior design. More than likely, the images you're thinking of are stately living rooms that feature double. Interior designers make indoor spaces functional, safe, and visually.

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